Welcome to Paradigm Real Estate Corp

Enter a New Paradigm in Real Estate Management

Paradigm Real Estate Corp will enter into an advisory or management relationship with any organization or individual who owns and/or manages residential, multi-family, commercial or hospitality related real estate.  I am particularly adept at start-up operations, streamlining operations to maximize returns and the turn-around of inferior properties.  

Backed with an extensive operational and executive background, I will work with you to develop your real estate and personnel into elite assets in order to increase your net income.  And I promise I will do it responsively, with a genuine commitment to fulfill your needs and with utmost care and concern .

Are You Satisfied With Your Share of the Market? 

Why not try to get the entire market?  Let's work on your asset and let your competitors wonder what happened.
Take advantage of my experience in:

Do you have the nicest property in your area, hands down?

I'll help you with an image face lift.  Sometimes it is as simple as making it "clean, not dirty".

Do You Want to Improve the Financial Condition of Your Asset?

I will analyze your financial statement and cash flow, provide comparative financial and market analysis, and aid in the preparation and implementation of budgets.  Then the information will be used to determine correct fees and charges and improve margins by streamlining operations and reducing expenses.

Does Your Company Consist of Highly Qualified Professionals?

Let's train them so it does.  I am passionate about building and training strong professional teams and motivating them to exceed expectations.

Do you want to join the world of property management?

Do you really want to pay someone else to manage your assets when you could put the money in your pocket?  I'll help you become a successful property management company or property manager by sharing practical knowledge with you and teaching needed skills.

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